#41 Seth Crawley

See why Seth is also known as… Rowdy!

What nickname(s) do you go by? 


How many years have you been involved with Mornington Baseball Club? 

5 years.

What positions do you play on-field/off-field? 

1st base and outfield

What do you love about the game of Baseball? 

That I get too play in the same team as my dad

What do you love about the Mornington Baseball Club? 

The chocolate milk

Which is your favourite MLB Club? 

Don’t have one

Who are your favourite MLB Player(s)- Past or Present? 

Don’t have any

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

My dad

What is your favourite food? 


What is favourite song OR Who is your favourite musician or band? 

Anything by XXXtentacion

When you’re not playing Baseball, what’s your next favourite thing to be doing? 

Playing video games

3 Fun Facts about you that aren’t covered by these questions…

  • I have type 1 diabetes
  • I have broken 2 bones in my hand playing baseball
  • Even though I am quiet and known as Rowdy I am a bit of a clown around my friends


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